Sunday, October 10, 2010

Firefox 3.7 will update the interface denies plagiarism Chrome

Firefox earlier had exposed new interface design style has been approved by Mozilla, will be used in Firefox 3.7 and 4.0 update. The new interface hides the menu bar, the stop button and refresh button combined. Mozilla bookmark function may also be innovative, will present the bookmarks menu and bookmarks toolbar into a small tool (Widget).

In the 3.7 release, the next version 4.0 will continue to interface to edit, and merge the address bar and search box. Other change is the tab bar will be moved to the top of the same as Chrome. Mozilla said that he did not copy the Chrome or other browsers.

Mozilla stressed that the new system in order to make their interface does not seem out of date, update the interface is necessary. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 on, Firefox's interface appears bloated and does not support Aero Glass special effects, icons, and the overall results are also incompatible.

Mozilla said that he did not copy the Chrome or other browsers, that because the browser to solve the problems are similar, resulting in the inevitable crash design. Chrome, Firefox and Safari are based on open source engines like structures, where their only Competition is the need to interface and user experience. Mozilla said that "good things worth learning should be for their own use, firefox has a lot of the results of original application in the browser."

Mozilla is also trying to improve other platforms Firefox interface issues, such as Linux version will also be placed at the top of a similar change in the tab bar. As for the Mac version, changes are relatively smaller. Mozilla will learn from the latest increase applies to iTunes 9 bright type skin effect. Official said the Mac version of Firefox does not need to as "obsolete" Windows version did make such a huge change.

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